Brainstorm Shoutout


Blogging is pretty awesome — if you have the time and the ideas. Having a class-required blog is a bit of a different story. While I often have ideas, I seldom have time. Ironically, the day I do have time, I lack ideas.

Because of my sudden loss of ideas, I was contemplating the idea of brainstorming. What are some of your most successful ways of coming up with blogging topics? I usually just walk by something throughout my day that triggers a post idea.

If I don’t walk by some controversial subject during my day, I typically sit in silence wracking my brain for things that I’ve come across in the past that I’ve wanted to say something about.

How do you come up with the ideas you come up with? Do you use one method only? Or switch between several?


Toy Story Promo Car


Last week I was hanging out with a good pal of mine at a shopping mall. After window shopping for awhile, we decided to take a break and just chill and converse in the car. Whilst we were sitting in my friend’s sweet, black SUV, we noticed an extremely strange car pull in to the parking lot.

The car was bright green and had TOY STORY painted on the side of it. Buzz and Woody were chilling near the rear doors, and Mr. Potato Hood posed toward the front of the car. It was a bizarre sight. Especially when you got a load of the unnecessarily giant tires that the car was perched upon.

While we were ogling at the eye sore of a vehicle, the bright green back door swung wide open. A human hand appeared out the door, holding a pile of trash. Apparently there leftovers from dinner, guessing from the packaging.

Well, owner of the Toy Story car dumped their nasty trash right in the middle of the parking lot. They blatantly proceeded to clean their car out of it’s other contents, leaving them all piled up in the center of the parking lot. After they’d “cleaned out” their car, they drove away.

I can’t believe the shamelessness of this action. How could someone so blatantly leave their nasty trash out for everyone else to see, and most likely, run over? IF there was ever anyone I’d call the police on for littering, it was them.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the license plate as Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Woody and their shameless, littering owners drove away.

Toy Story — these are not the type of people you want associated with you.

It’s O.K., really it is :)


When I play any sport with guys, chances are I’ll get about eight apologies before the game is over. Why? Because boys think that every time they accidentally bump into a girl, while playing sports, that they must say, “I’m sorry.” Two thoughts on the matter.

1. If a girl plays sports with a boy, she must accept that being pushed around a bit is inevitable… and that’s o.k.! Most girls who want to play sports with guys do so because they’re really into sports/athletics. They realize they’ll get pushed around, and they can hold their own. It’s just a part of the game. They’re not at all offended if a guy boxes them out, or accidentally runs over them.

2. If a girl whines about getting knocked about a bit, she shouldn’t be on the field anyway. So, you can be nice and throw out an, “oh, sorry,” but don’t feel too guilty. And don’t invite them to the next pick-up soccer game. ūüôā



I hate it when men diss women’s sports.

I acknowledge that many men reach a greater athletic ability than women. I know that in general men are created stronger, faster, taller, etc. I know that men’s sports are more popular.

But why can’t we be respected for how much passion and devotion we have for sports as well? Some women devote an entire portion of their life to training for a particular sport or developing the natural abiltiies they have. Although I don’t have any particualry great athletic ability myself, I have a great, great passion for almost any sport. What about Amy Alcott, Janet Guthrie and Helen Jacobs? All of them are incredibly talented althletes that deserve the respect of others… even of men.

Equally Passionate

We really aren’t that young


Do you even know what a cassette tape is?

Being the younger, technologically advanced generation we are, we get asked this question many times in various ways. Sometimes it’s a cassette tape, other times it’s records. This line is usually delivered in comic fashion — a joke the older generation likes to throw at us.

I admit this isn’t the most important post being added to the Web tonight, but it’s a pet peeve I thought I’d throw out here, and see if anyone else has a thought on the matter?

Most of us actually do know what cassette tapes¬†and records are. Some of us are the techies that can take stuff from cassettes and put them into digital form, so of us collect old records because there’s just something cool about them and some of us see them on the wall when we haunt Cracker Barrel.

Whatever the case may be, my generation (at least the ones of my generation that I associate with) does indeed know what a cassette tape is.



Case Study No.1.

I was just cut off by a Greenville driver. It isn’t an uncommon¬†occurrence, either. The way people drive in Greenville, you wouldn’t know they had to pass the same driving test that everyone else did. However, that rant is for another day.

Back to the driver that cut me off. While I graciously ignored his egregious offense, a few other drivers were not so kind. They laid on their horns, intent on letting the offending driver know that what he had done was bad.

When a driver breaks the rules of the road, should you “beep” at them? Case Study


Minutes before I was cut off by previously mentioned Greenville driver, I was sitting patiently at a stop light. Zoning out for just a second, I failed to see immediately¬†that the light had turned green. An impatient driver behind me wasn’t o.k. with my slight hesitation. BEEEEEPPPP!! ¬†I pulled forward, only for the aggressive driver to zoom past me (which, to me, is an even greater offense than a slight hesitation in pulling forward at a green light….)

When a driver doesn’t respond to a green light right away, should you lay on your horn?

Drivers use this obnoxious sound device all the time — it’s sort of…. like saying a curse word in the language of el carro. They use their horn to remind people around them that they exist too, to reprimand someone for hesitating at a light and various other types of messages.

But how many times that people lay on the horn are justified?

Should teachers and students be friends?


Should teachers really be friends with their students?

I don’t mean friend as in friendly, kind, accepting, etc. —¬† I mean friend as in the kind of friend that you hang out with outside of class, the friend you call at night to tell about your latest accomplishment, the kind of friend that you have over on your birthday. Should teachers be this kind of friend to their students?

My opinions on this subject stem from an experience in high school. Not my own experience, rather the experience of a sideline viewer.

A student I knew in high school was close friends with her teacher. They hung out, played volleyball and basketball, called each other to talk about whatever was on their mind, went out to dinner — the kind of things all good friends do. But this student was also in the class of this teacher, and their friendship proved a negative to their classroom interaction.

The student could get away with things that no other student could, because the teacher was her friend. The student could speak to that teacher like no other student should, because the teacher was her friend. And everybody watching this happen commented negatively about how their friendship was spilling over into the classroom. Other students resented the fact that this one student could do, or say anything she wanted and get away with it.

I was bothered greatly by the affect that this student/teacher friendship had on my class (I was in the class with them both.) I vividly remember the student walking away from a major fight with the teacher (which took place in front of everyone else in the class) and not even receiving detention, when any other student would have received several days of suspension.  I lost respect for both individuals that year.

So I ask again, should teachers be this kind of friend to their students? I don’t think so. I realize that there might be a few exceptions, but in general, I think teacher’s must retain a proper student-teacher relationship that doesn’t allow for partiality or other issues that might work their way into the classroom. I believe this is particularly important on the high school level.

To read an interesting article written by a teacher on this subject, check out