To be or Not To Be


In class the other, my teacher said that some of the students in her class were meant to remain bloggers, and some… well… 

And that’s when I accidentally laughed out loud. It truly was accidental. I guess I was just laughing so heartily on the inside that it escaped out. 

Well, let me explain my sudden burst of mid-class laughter. It’s because I know that I’m one of the “some….welll” bloggers that probably shouldn’t keep posting unless a class requires it.

While some students have managed to keep a defined, interesting and well-written collage of posts, I’ve just thrown up random puzzle pieces, hoping that in the end maybe my readers will find a good sentence somewhere in the midst of it all.

It’s alright though. I might keep a blog someday for laughs (mainly, my own laughs), but I can also say with confidence that I’m no born blogger 🙂



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