The Final Stretch


You’ve got sixteen days left of your college career. Go out with a blast, or fold early?

We all have a difficult time trying to get back into the academic swing after a holiday break. Some of us are motivated by the fact that we only have two weeks of classes left. Others of us are greatly demotivated by the exact same fact. 

For me, it’s a motivator. But it didn’t used to be. And I didn’t used to be graduating in December, but now I am, and it’s a giant motivator. Why? Well, I can’t just crash and burn on the last 16 days of my college career! I don’t want to look back on this time later and realize I vegged when I could have stunned all of my professors with a sudden burst of intelligence and determination. 

So, this is my motivator — to make the final few days of my college career days for my roommates, my professors, and my fellow students to remember me by. It’s the last chance I’ll get, after all. 


What motivates you to make the most of this semester? 


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