Christmas Eve isn’t Christmas


Every year it seems that my birthday falls at the same time as some other, obviously less important, event. Inevitably my family’s response is, “well, we can celebrate your birthday the day BEFORE.” But… my birthday isn’t the day before! It’s the day OF. It’s May 26, not May 25.

The most memorable occasion on which this happened was on my 16th birthday — my sweet sixteenth birthday. I sort of envisioned this my sixteenth birthday being the epitome of good birthdays. Until my brother decided to get engaged and set his wedding date on May 26.

As a result, my special day was celebrated “the day BEFORE,” which was really more like the week before. On top of that, my first nephew was born on the same day as my bro’s birthday and my sweet sixteenth. So not only had my birthday been sabotaged, it had also been stolen.

Ever since that, I’ve had a super grudge against celebrating holidays or events any other day then the day they actually are supposed to happen.

This year Christmas falls on a Sunday. I hate to say it, but going to Church sort of throws a kink in our traditional Christmas routine. So, of course the family/extended family is thinking.. Let’s celebrate the day before!

But Christmas Eve isn’t Christmas, and I strongly oppose their plan.

How do you feel about sabotaged holidays?


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  1. AMEN!!! Holidays are marked on a calendar and you celebrate them on THAT day! I don’t mind Christmas as much because the entire season of Christmas is better than the actual day I think. But otherwise birthdays and such need to happen that day or not at all.

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