Tweet it Up


At the beginning of this week I gave a presentation on the importance of using social media to advance professionals in their careers. In theory, I was always aware of the fact that we can use social media to advance to or in our careers. But research for this presentation opened my eyes to how I should be using social media as I embark on my job-finding adventure.

One of the most simple, yet important, things I pieced together in my presentation was the fact that 1) thousands upon thousands of people [employers included] use social media, and 2) social media is all about sharing information with others — i.e. networking.

In an even simpler statement, social media is a way to get to know lots of people. Which is a great way to start the whole job-obtaining process.

Then there’s all the other positive aspects of social media. Job search engines, a way to keep tabs on companies you like and open positions, etc.

I feel strongly that college students should invest time in developing a social media profile. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook — there’s many social media platforms for you to choose from. Choose the one that fits you best and create a professional presence online.

Social media isn’t just an online waste of time. It can be used by discerning college students to help secure a job.


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