Toy Story Promo Car


Last week I was hanging out with a good pal of mine at a shopping mall. After window shopping for awhile, we decided to take a break and just chill and converse in the car. Whilst we were sitting in my friend’s sweet, black SUV, we noticed an extremely strange car pull in to the parking lot.

The car was bright green and had TOY STORY painted on the side of it. Buzz and Woody were chilling near the rear doors, and Mr. Potato Hood posed toward the front of the car. It was a bizarre sight. Especially when you got a load of the unnecessarily giant tires that the car was perched upon.

While we were ogling at the eye sore of a vehicle, the bright green back door swung wide open. A human hand appeared out the door, holding a pile of trash. Apparently there leftovers from dinner, guessing from the packaging.

Well, owner of the Toy Story car dumped their nasty trash right in the middle of the parking lot. They blatantly proceeded to clean their car out of it’s other contents, leaving them all piled up in the center of the parking lot. After they’d “cleaned out” their car, they drove away.

I can’t believe the shamelessness of this action. How could someone so blatantly leave their nasty trash out for everyone else to see, and most likely, run over? IF there was ever anyone I’d call the police on for littering, it was them.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the license plate as Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Woody and their shameless, littering owners drove away.

Toy Story — these are not the type of people you want associated with you.


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