It’s O.K., really it is :)


When I play any sport with guys, chances are I’ll get about eight apologies before the game is over. Why? Because boys think that every time they accidentally bump into a girl, while playing sports, that they must say, “I’m sorry.” Two thoughts on the matter.

1. If a girl plays sports with a boy, she must accept that being pushed around a bit is inevitable… and that’s o.k.! Most girls who want to play sports with guys do so because they’re really into sports/athletics. They realize they’ll get pushed around, and they can hold their own. It’s just a part of the game. They’re not at all offended if a guy boxes them out, or accidentally runs over them.

2. If a girl whines about getting knocked about a bit, she shouldn’t be on the field anyway. So, you can be nice and throw out an, “oh, sorry,” but don’t feel too guilty. And don’t invite them to the next pick-up soccer game. 🙂



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  1. I’m a fan of this post but I gotta say that it’s still very different when playing a sport against a girl. I have no problem with knocking a guy over but I feel like I’ve sinned if I do that to a girl. Also, you did not take Coaching Basketball with Nate Warrick like I did, which would change your opinion on this matter.

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