We really aren’t that young


Do you even know what a cassette tape is?

Being the younger, technologically advanced generation we are, we get asked this question many times in various ways. Sometimes it’s a cassette tape, other times it’s records. This line is usually delivered in comic fashion — a joke the older generation likes to throw at us.

I admit this isn’t the most important post being added to the Web tonight, but it’s a pet peeve I thought I’d throw out here, and see if anyone else has a thought on the matter?

Most of us actually do know what cassette tapes and records are. Some of us are the techies that can take stuff from cassettes and put them into digital form, so of us collect old records because there’s just something cool about them and some of us see them on the wall when we haunt Cracker Barrel.

Whatever the case may be, my generation (at least the ones of my generation that I associate with) does indeed know what a cassette tape is.


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  1. Last week, one of my professors offered to give us feedback on a paper via cassette tape. I was going to take him up on it, but had no idea how I would play it.

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