Less Homework, Faster Grading Process


Homework — it’s one of those “necessary evils.” Students need it to grow and apply what they’ve learned in class, and teachers need it to measure their student’s progress and determine what their student’s strengths and weaknesses are. But is there such a thing as to much homework, negatively effecting both teacher and student?

Why yes, there is.

Teachers, while it’s true that the homework you’ve assigned has merit, your student can only accomplish so much homework each night. Additionally, students have anywhere from five to eight classes, and each of their teachers expects a thorough completion of any homework  assigned. Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the night for a thorough completion. Granted, some students have no excuse for the lack of homework they do. Thus, I speak only on  the behalf those students who really try. Teachers, we can’t do it all in one night.

But, on behalf of all the teachers that really try, students, they can’t grade it all. Most students, myself included, want their homework/test/paper/quiz grade ASAP. If not for the sake of calculating their overall class grade, at least so they can readjust how they study or write. But students, just as you only have so much time to complete homework, so teachers only have so much time to grade assignments. Plus, did you think your paper was the only paper they have to grade? Nay, they have a multitude of paper stacks to sift through. Students, they can’t do it all in one night.

Teachers and students, I propose a compromise — less homework! If teachers assigned only the most essential and necessary assignments, as opposed to filler assignments in between the essential assignments, students might actually be able to complete it. Additionally, that’s so much less for you to grade, teachers! From my biased standpoint, it’s a win-win.

Let’s meet halfway.


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