Calling all Night People


There really is such a thing as a “night person”  and a “morning person.” I’m convinced of it.

My certainty stems from own personal experience. I categorize myself as a “night person.” Mornings are rough. When my Fort Minor alarm goes off each morning, I groggily force myself out of my tiny bunk bed and stumble over to the closet to get ready. I avoid eye contact and any form of communication with those around me. Things just don’t make much sense before 9 a.m. I don’t really even like human kind before 9 a.m (so don’t be offended if I ignore your cheery ‘good morning!’ at 6:45 a.m.) In contrast, I do my best work after 7 p.m. Suddenly, things click and I know just what I wanted to write about for my column due at 11 p.m. Having a party at midnight? Invite me. I can party all night long — I’m a night person.

Exhibit B — Mary’s  roommate. By 11 p.m. she’s happily tucked into bed, drifting away to the land of  ZZZZ…. If she has to stay up any later, tread carefully. No midnight birthday bash’s for this one! In contrast, she rolls out of bed coherent in the morning, and is able to accomplish any homework that she put off the night before (so that she could go to sleep.) Within minutes of rising, she’ll converse intelligently with those around her… She’s a morning person.

All this to say, that whilst many people say there’s no such thing, I firmly believe that there really are such people as “night people” and “morning people.”

See you tomorrow — after 9 a.m.



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