Liquid Litter Bug


This past Sunday, as I was driving to Church, I got caught by my third or fourth red light. Slowing down, I noticed that the driver in front of me was opening their car door. In the next five seconds I pondered what they might be doing. Car trouble? Did they forget to close their door all the way? Some sort of stunt? 

The driver calmly leaned out of the door and dumped their Sunday morning coffee all over the road. 

My first reaction was a sigh of relief, because at least it wasn’t anything strange or dangerous happening. My second reaction? Disgust. Why would someone dump their nasty coffee grinds all over South Carolina’s newly paved roads [well, this one was newly paved…]? Maybe it’s not littering at the same level as throwing cigarettes and old coke cans out the car window… And maybe it’ll wash off when it rains next month. But the idea of it — dumping your leftovers out on the road, making the roads dirty, forcing the driver behind you to drive through your leftovers — not o.k.! 

Let’s keep S.C. beautiful, like the road signs say. Next time, Sunday morning-coffee litterer, wash your grinds down the drain at home.


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