If you’ve ever played on a decent  Bob Jones University, you’ll be able to identify with what I’m about to post. Each season — whether it be volleyball, soccer, basketball or some other sport — you face an opponent that truly is on the court just for the fun of it. Within twenty minutes of the game the starting the score is 20-0, and it’s pretty obvious they won’t be making a comeback.

When the game ends you breathe a sigh of relief — crushing another team without trying is just awkward. They seem pretty cheerful, but you really aren’t sure how to respond. If you smile, they might think you’re a smug victor. If you frown, they’ll think you’re mean. If you laugh, they might think you’re laughing at them. So, you try and keep the most natural, neutral facial expression and thank them for coming.

Avoiding the awkward, win-by-way-to-much, missing-baskets-on-purpose games would be great. They aren’t an enjoyable experience and they don’t really profit either team. If possible, the leagues should be based more on level of ability. That way the one or two dominating teams who crush everyone in their league could have some better competition, and the three or four teams that get crushed every time they play would have a chance to walk off the court victorious.

It’s a win-win.


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